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You're darn right you do!

Society has changed right under your nose!

You need my information - and you need it NOW - because the world has changed right under your nose.  We used to be a credential society.  That means that whenever we wanted to do business with someone, we checked their credentials - where did they go to school, what awards have they won, what's the quality of their work and so on.

That all recently changed.

We're now a celebrity-obsessed society.

Want a crystal clear example?

Do you know who can attract media attention better than anyone else on this planet?

Kim Kardashian.

And because of that ability, she earns millions of dollars a year.

Do you earn millions a year?

No, you don't earn millions of dollars a year - and you're intelligent!
If you don't use publicity to turn yourself into a celebrity you will lose every time to a competitor who DOES use publicity to turn himself into a celebrity.

Am I just another blowhard promoting my own self-interests?  That'll be for you to decide, but my bet is that once you read what I have to tell you in each issue, you'll forget all of the other emails you get - you know, the ones telling you that you can get rich by Thursday, then trying to sell you their magic system for getting wealthy.

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I'll even tell you how to use publicity to turn yourself into a celebrity - and why it has now become mandatory to do exactly that.

FAIR WARNING: If you can't handle the truth, don't sign up for my Million Dollar Publicity Strategies.  I'm the King of Tough Love Publicity - and I'll tell you nothing but the truth, regardless of how unsettling it may be to you.

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